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MAY News From The Front:

Legislative Report: We successfully knocked out all the anti-public land’s bills from the legislature this month, so thank you so much to those of you who called your Senators and Representatives and helped defeat that misguided legislation.

There are still two bills that we are watching and would love for you all to engage with. They are both sitting at the House, so you would call your representatives on both.

 HB2214: This bill has been a hundred different things over the last several weeks, but it is now just a bill that creates a 365-day license. So, if you buy your license in October, instead of that license being invalid starting the following January 1st (like the current system), your license would be good until the following October. This bill would make licenses valid for a full year from the time of purchase no matter what month or day the license was purchased on. We love this bill. Ask your Representatives to vote yes!

HB1093: This is a nutrient trading bill. The simplest way to describe nutrient trading is that waste removed from one watershed/county gets traded to another watershed/county for disposal or use. We are against this bill because for watershed trading to carry any measure of success, which is already doubtful, our state would have to have an organized understanding of how much waste is already produced and where it currently ends up. We don’t have a handle on that data, so the idea that we could productively trade and monitor the trade of nutrients is unimaginable. Ask your Representatives to vote no on this one.

Arkansas River Event: There will be a presentation on the fishery concerns of the new Zink Dam project by engineer Charles Pratt at Heirloom Rustic Ales on May 31st at 7 PM. Charlie will be presenting a short and candid discussion on the dam and its operations, and what it means for the native and game fish populations that call the Arkansas River home. The event is free to attend and will be open to all ages. There will be a food truck and plenty of adult and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase. Come with questions as most of his time will be used for a Q&A session.

JAKE Miller ,  Conservation Chair


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