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                                 2020/2021  Conservation Issues        

    Our key cold and warm water fisheries conservation focus items are:  

     Gaining minimum water flow for the Lower Illinois river and other river systems in the state.     Minimum flow is critical for healthy Oklahoma fisheries.  

     Reducing water pollution that degrades our waters and harms our fisheries.  There is particular  focus on phosphorus run off from industrial scale agriculture, confined animal feeding operations, sewage plants and the explosive growth in hundreds of new, massive chicken feeding operations.  

     Gaining critical water flow and fish passage as part of the new Zink dam project in the Arkansas River.   Members of the TU/TFF board are meeting and maintaining ongoing communications and input with the City of Tulsa, River Parks Authority, and our great Gathering Place to ensure a  healthy, vibrant fishery right in downtown Tulsa.  

     Supporting public fishing, new public fishing access and keeping our fishing and hunting license revenue within the award-winning Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.   Every year, certain legislators who do not understand how important fishing is to all of us, introduce bills in OKC to transfer our license fees to a non-fishing and hunting related “slush fund”.  

      Monitoring and providing input and education at the state capitol about fisheries conservation issues. This will be a particularly challenging year with over 100 bills introduced that may impact our fishing. There will be almost 2,000 total bills to track and sort through. Many of the bills and votes will happened very quickly with little chance for input before a “zoom” vote. Please stand by to make your voice heard. Fishing deserves an equal seat at the table generating some $2  billion in Oklahoma revenue and it is our passion.  

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