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                   Want to learn to fly fish or know some one that does... and you don't want to teach them ?                                   Registration is now open for the  Jenks Adult Education Spring Clinic.                                                           All proceeds go to OKLAHOMA TROUT UNLIMITED's education programs.

   Day / Date:  Saturday : 3/27/2021         Time:  9:00am - 2:00pm,           Class Code: 21SP1503          $25

Learn the when, where and best methods to catch all variety of Oklahoma game fish, including trout, using a fly rod. In this clinic, students will learn about fly fishing equipment, how to read the water, the terminology of fly fishing, casting skills hands-on, tying the most important fly fishing knots and see how flies are tied.     No equipment is required. $25 ... 1 day class.    JENKS RESIDENCY NOT REQUIRED.                Register on-line ... see link below, or call (918) 299-4415 Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5pm