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Trout In The Classroom

Trout In The Classroom

Discover the Magic of TIC in Our Classrooms

Transforming Classrooms with TIC: A Journey with Trout and Salmon
Welcome to an exciting educational journey with Trout in the Classroom (TIC)! In some parts of the US, it’s known as Salmon in the Classroom (SIC). This program invites students of all ages to embark on an enriching experience: raising Salmonids right in their classrooms. Our focus area includes the Lower Illinois River, a perfect natural setting for our students to release these trout fingerlings.

Cultivating Conservation Ethic

Our program does more than teach biology. It instills a deep-seated conservation ethic in students. They don’t just care for the fish; they connect with the environment. The highlight? Students personally releasing the fingerlings into the river, solidifying their bond with nature.

A Nationwide Impact with Trout Unlimited

The Dave Whitlock Chapter is proud to be part of a nationwide effort spearheaded by Trout Unlimited, among other organizations. Supported by NGOs and government agencies, TIC has reached approximately 5,000 classrooms across 35 states. In Oklahoma alone, we’ve touched the lives of over 5,000 students through this program.

TIC: A Tool for Every Teacher

TIC is incredibly versatile. Whether it’s kindergarten or high school, the program adapts to different educational stages. Young kids learn about care, growth, and life cycles, while older students delve into complex topics like water chemistry and natural resource management. And with our ever-growing online library of lesson plans, teachers across the country have access to a wealth of resources.

Why Embrace TIC?

TIC is more than an educational program; it’s a way to bring nature into the classroom. It fosters a personal connection and a sense of responsibility towards local fisheries and the environment. That’s why TU national staff and volunteers are dedicatedly involved in over 1,500 TIC and SIC projects across 35 states.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Running a TIC program comes with its costs. An individual tank setup is around $1,300, with annual maintenance costs of about $250. Your tax-deductible donations are always welcome and deeply appreciated. Visit our donation page on TU420.com to contribute. Interested in volunteering for future fish releases? Contact Scott Hood at tu420edu@gmail.com.

Together, let’s make a lasting impact on our young conservationists and the environment! 🌿🐟

Participating Schools
  • Riverfield Country School
  • Broken Arrow HS
  • Jenks Freshman Academy
  • Keifer HS
  • Kellyville Elementary
  • Collinsville HS
  • Owasso HS
  • Beggs HS
  • Anderson Elementary
  • Tulsa Boys Home 
  • SandSprings HS
  • Wellitka HS
  • Coweta HS
  • Tulsa Met HS
  • Felix Menendez International School

If you are a teacher and have a class that’s interested in participating in this exciting program, please reach out to us. 

Kelleyville Classroom Release

Welettka Release